Treasure Bottles combine ancient healing traditions with a modern mindset to bring you a bottle that improves your physical and spiritual well-being. We believe beautiful design has the power to heal, and each bottle has been crafted with design and intention to improve your well being and towards a healthier lifestyle.



Island vibe collection for Rebels and freedom seeker, traveler and nomads by

We believe in our locals and we believe in human rights. Travelling has made us fall in love with all the people on this planet and we've created the brand for all Rebels traveling the world, seeking for freedom and open-minded people with a heart for all human beings. 

We're not only supporting the locals with our #supportthelocal campaign - we believe to create a community out of the Rebelvibes Brand to create a Vibe and strengths that all of us can change the Planet and it's habits. 

We want to raise the Rebel culture, support the locals and support the planets with our community and planning great projects for the future to support each other as well as creating festivals and funding social projects in SE-Asia.

Join the Vibe and stay tuned.